Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel

Excellent access to Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Centered in a comfortable and Osaka-filled hotel in the Osaka bay area.

For our first report, we are featuring the 2017 newly opened Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel in Osaka Bay Area. Located in the Osaka Prefecture Government Sakishima Building, between 10F to 17F, and currently under expansion. Once the expansion is finalized, the total number of rooms will be 371 rooms between 7F and 17F offering a top class number of rooms in the area. USJ, as well as one of Osaka's famous tourist area, Tempozan, are nearby, and the hotel is easily accessible from downtown areas such as Shinsaibashi.

With their concept: "The World to Osaka, Osaka to the World", the hotel has put a lot of effort in entertaining guests with the Osakagenic project, featuring Osaka's artist's works in rooms, and several photogenic spots throughout the hotel, giving every guest a special memory and experience in a comfortable atmosphere.

Now with the introduction done, let's go to Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel!

★Just a 20 minute ride from central Osaka, on the subway Chuo Line, then a quick transfer to the New Tram, I have arrived at the nearest station, Trade Center Mae Station.

You will find several skyscrapers in front of you.
Within these skyscrapers, you will notice the tallest building. This building is where Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel is located! Pretty easy to spot!
After checking the directions and signs from the station, I started walking towards the hotel. I passed through an area with several restaurants and shops. I noticed where ATC is, so I decided to have a look after I have checked in! As I proceeded through a large corridor, I can see the tall building get closer.
I thought it was a great path because you won't get wet from the rain, and it is also barrier-free.

★Luxurious space with a modern Japanese touch.

Welcome to the hotel entrance!
Follow the directions inside and you will see several elevators, and you'll see elevators with golden doors! These elevators will take you directly to the lobby so nothing to worry about.
These elevators are also gold inside! The design is reminiscent to Toyotomi Hideyoshi's golden teahouse in Osaka Castle.

While i was admiring the design of the elevators, I have arrived on the 17th floor lobby area. Out of the elevator, I was surrounded with several visually stunning decorations such as two large tiger pieces and ikebana arrangements that are beautifully featured.
There are several services that can be found at the lobby such as a currency exchange machine, a tourist information area with maps to take, a space where international visitors can book tours, and a smoking room. (the hotel is no-smoking, so if you would like to have a cigarette, please use the smoking room on the 17th floor.)
The hotel is a Universal Studios Japan Associate Hotel, which means you can purchase tickets for the park and also see Sesame Street characters in the lobby. You can also purchase various tickets for other parks, and it is very convenient for visitors. Later on, I will purchase my ticket for USJ for my visit tomorrow!

★ As I walk to the elevators to my designated floor, a photogenic mural welcomes me. As i finish checking-in, I have received my card key and a breakfast voucher, I head towards the 15th floor. The room that i will be staying tonight has a theme of Osakagenic. (the staff speaks Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese)
Arriving on my floor, another large mural is painted on the wall. In addition to the other murals I have mentioned, there are several other large murals created by various artists on every floors. Visit the other floors, and find your favorite mural and take pictures with it! There are so many visuals here in this hotel for the guests to enjoy. Also, if you post your pictures on social media, it seems that you will receive a gift! What a hotel! So let's all take pics and share them!

★And into the room!

"Designer Hollywood Twin: BAKIBAKI (blue)
And wow! The first thing that caught my eye was the another large mural on the wall!"

If you look closely, you will notice that the carpet also has the same pattern with the walls! And since all rooms are over 35㎡ , the rooms and windows are quite large! The rooms feels very open and spacious. From my window, I have a panoramic view of the venue for the 2025 Osaka Expo, and I can also see Awaji island from afar, when the weather is clear.

The spacious and comfortable beds used in this hotel are Serta brand beds in a semi-double size (122x195). Serta beds are the top leading beds in America.

There are plenty of amenities such as coffee in the room. I can definitely spend a relaxing time here until tomorrow. Such a luxury.

Last thing in this room that I was wondering about, was the curtain at the end of the room. As I open the curtains, WOW! I found the bathroom! A floor to ceiling bathroom window where you can enjoy the view as you soak in the tub. Amazing! This can be one of the best baths I have taken in a while! Apart from the room I am staying in tonight, there are 4 art themed rooms on each floor, 1 room on the 17th floor, 2 corporate collaboration rooms on the 16th floor, and currently a total of 31 rooms. There are also other various types of rooms, such as a Japanese and Western family room (for 4 guests), and once the 7th to 9th floor expansion is completed, there will be a total of 36 Osakagenic rooms, and a grand total of 371 rooms! During this stay, I was also shown other types of rooms, so let me introduce them to you as well!

The Chibo Collaboration Room Japanese Style, is a spacious room which can comfortably occupy 4 guests. A Japanese-Western style Okonomiyaki themed room with a collaboration with Chibo, a famous local Okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka. There is a classic sauce and mayonnaise pattern on the ceiling and Okonomiyaki food samples on the wall making me crave Okonomiyaki as i visit this room! lol

"The SAKURA CRAYPAS Collaboration Room
Japanese Style is another large room great for families with small children, up to 4 guests. This is a very colorful room in collaboration with Sakura Cray-pas, a prestigious company from Osaka. On the wall, you will find Sakura Cray-Pas' signature design, as well as a line of framed Coupy Pencils, absolutely perfect for families with small children."

These twin rooms are the same type as the room I am staying tonight. These rooms were designed by different artists. One of the room has a massive kiss mark on the wall, and another with a large painting of a woman, both fun rooms for couples or friends who love to take pictures.

"Here is the standard room. Even when the themed rooms are full, these standard rooms are still photogenic. The standard rooms are Japanese/Western with a chic design. I would recommend having a fully charged phone or camera when you come! Try and stay at all the rooms they have!

(Click here for more details"

Back to my room. On the side of the bed, you will find the tabii tablet. This device is loaded with local restaurant information, hotel staff recommended places, the ATC building, as well as tourist information and places to visit! If you are looking for a place for a late lunch, this tablet will definitely help!

★Off I go to the near-by ATC building. It takes 2 minutes on foot from the hotel. This building has plenty of contents, from restaurants, 100 yen shop, and an indoor amusement park for children, and it is very convenient because it is right next to the hotel!

As I was walking around, I found a delicious looking ramen restaurant. After enjoying an ATC only available ramen, I continued my walk to the park on the sea side and slowly waited for the sunset.

I waited for the sunset because the Sakishima Cosmo Tower has an observatory on the top floor, 252 m above ground. On a clear day, you can see Osaka and Kobe and enjoy the great views. Unfortunately, it was cloudy today, but on a clear day, this is a great spot to see the sunset.

After enjoying the sunset, i went to the local izakaya that was suggested by the hotel staff for a drink. After returning to the hotel quite relaxed, I am ready to enjoy a bath in my superb bath with a view! I have been looking forward to this. I am also quite happy with the bath amenities such as bath salts. Now that I have freshen up, it is time to go to bed early to fully enjoy USJ tomorrow! Good night!

★ My favorite time of the day, breakfast!

"Good morning! I woke up at 8am, and had an amazing sleep in the comfortable bed!
I have my breakfast reservation at 9 AM, so I head down to the 17th floor restaurant. The restaurant is supervised by a Yamakage-style Art of Knife Master. A highly skilled chef trained in Shinto tradition and traditional craftsmanship. For today's breakfast, I have chosen the Japanese breakfast option. They offer either Japanese or Western breakfast. The weather is great today and I get to enjoy the view while I wait for my breakfast. "

I was quite surprised with the generous amount of food! I wondered if i could finish my breakfast! Each dish is seasoned amazingly, as expected coming from a well experienced chef. Normally, breakfast is served in a buffet style, but due to the current situation with COVID-19, they are serving us in a set meal style.

I have received photos of the buffet from the hotel and they look delicious! As a writer who loves to eat, I am very interested in the buffet option. In addition, the restaurant also offers lunch and dinner, and also has a vegetarian option for veggie visitors. For vegetarian option, please make a reservation the day before you dine.

"★ Off to USJ on the shuttle bus!
Now that I am fully satisfied with breakfast, I check out and head to USJ with the ticket I purchased the day before."

The shuttle bus departs from the 1F main entrance of the building. (Please notify the front desk, and make sure to check departure times for USJ)

A quick 15 minute ride, and I have a arrived at USJ! I had a long good sleep the night before, so i have lots of energy to enjoy the park! Here I go!

And that was my trip! What do you think of Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel? I had plenty of fun around the Osaka Bay Area, and the Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel. There are many more things to do and see in this area, and it would be great if you guys would come and visit yourselves. Comfortable hotel, and great surroundings. If you have plans to visit Osaka, or have friends who will visit Osaka, this hotel and area would definitely be a great suggestion. The Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel is a great hotel that I would definitely stay in again.

Directions to Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel


Regular holiday None No fixed holiday
TEL 06-6575-7785
adress 1 Chome-14-16 Nankokita, Suminoe Ward, Osaka, 559-0034
credit card Available
languages English  中文 
menu English  中文 

Directions to Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel


  1. Tempozan Marketplace

  2. Nanko Area



  5. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

  6. Tempozan Park

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