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Tonkatsu and Shabu-shabu Specialty Restaurant - “Ajinomise Ichiban”  

Choice Pork Tonkatsu and Shabu-shabu Specialty Restaurant


You Can Learn How to Properly Use a Real Katana

Osaka Maimon Sushi

#1 ranked gourmet sushi that’s all over the news


Edogawa’s home-made sauce, maintained for over 70 years since the restaurant's inception, features a rich and nourishing eel flavor. This culinary legacy is beautifully reflected in the delicate and succulent grilled eel—a true masterpiece!

Jewelry ARIA - Osaka Store

Reuse Shop with High-Quality Merchandise and Customer Service That Carries Jewelry, Watches, and High-End Brand Products. 

Kappa Sushi - Dotombori Ebisubashi Store

Conveyor belt sushi restaurant with prices as low as 110 yen per plate (tax included)


Test cut (tameshigiri) with an authentic Japanese sword and use shurikens

Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Arcade

Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsugyu -Namba Sennichimae-

Making “GYUKATSU-牛カツ-” from Kyoto into the world’s “GYUKATSU”

OKURA Namba Ebisubashi

The Luxury Reused Store OKURA

MAMESHIBA CAFE / Mikeneko Chaya

Mameshiba, miniature sized Shiba-inu dogs will welcome you. Have a relaxing coffee break.


We display and sell fashionable and stylish locally made goods as well as art pieces created by local artists.

Domolabo Co., Ltd.

Create Japanese signs and custom message plates right there on the spot!

Senda Co., Ltd.

Handling more that 10,000 items of cooking utensils, knives, tableware, kitchen equipment, and more!

Senda Glass Tableware

Items that shine from the skills of traditional craftsmanship

Aoki Hamono

Sakai Koyuki Knives, preserving the tradition of Sakai knives for 600 years

BOOKOFF PLUS Namba Ebisubashi Store

A large scale reuse store offeing over 400,000 items located near Dotombori