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Shinsekai,Tennoji Area


Edogawa’s home-made sauce, maintained for over 70 years since the restaurant's inception, features a rich and nourishing eel flavor. This culinary legacy is beautifully reflected in the delicate and succulent grilled eel—a true masterpiece!

Shitennoji Temple(Grand Head Temple)

The first state-sponsored Buddhist temple in Japan with a history of 1400 years.

Abeno Takoyaki Yamachan

Takoyaki Specialty Store, a delicacy of Osaka thats delicious even without sace

Kintetsu Department Store Main Store ABENO HARUKAS

A new Osaka landmark, one of the Japan's largest buildings and Japan's largest department store

Aburasoba Da Shinsaibashi OPA Store

Addictive Osaka Aburasoba Made with House-Made Oils

Harukas 300 (Observatory) EDGE THE HARUKAS(Closed)

Sharing the charm of Kansai! Enjoy the very top of the tallest building in Japan, HARUKAS 300 at Abeno Harukas, 300 meters above ground. Absolutely thrilling off the cliff attraction, Edge the HARUKAS!!!


TOWER KNIVES OSAKA, next to Tsutenkaku Tower.

Harves Uehommachi

A supermarket directly connected to Kintetsu Osaka-Uehommachi Station

Harves Tennoji

A convenient supermarket directly connected to JR Tennoji Station

Osaka Sushi Experience Center

A facility where you can experience authentic Sushi making. Immerse yourself in Japanese food culture

Tennoji Zoo

Meet a World of Wildlife in the Heart of the City

Kobe Beef Hoshino Shinsekai Store

The only Kobe Beef Steak restaurant in Shinsekai


Nadai Tsurukameya

Located on the Main Street of Shinsekai with a Rich Menu

Gifuya Honke

Established in 1916, true flavor of Shinsekai at Gifuya Honke


A 3-Minute Walk from Tsutenkaku! Enjoy Kushikatsu and Meat Dishes in our Spacious Restaurant

Kushikatsu Takoyaki Ajino Daimaru

The Big Octopus is our Landmark! Ready for Take-out at our Takoyaki Stand!


Enjoy hotel-made sweets at home